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Official and example soundtracks.

Short Film - "Lyla Is Late"

- Music Composer

Avatar Chasing Scene - Reworked

- Music, Sound Design

Resistance and Liberation

- Video Game

International Short Movie

- Trailer

Strange Appearance (Example)

- Quirky, Dark

Progressive Instinct (Example)

- Electronic, Dreamy

L'amour De Paris (Example)

- Romantic

Short Movie / Opening

- Horror

Short Advertisement Austria

- Peaceful

Great Journey (Example)
- Epic, orchestral, adventure

Light bending Advertisement
- Dark, Mystery

"SCOT" - Main Theme (unofficial)
- Adventure Game

First IPhone game composed in 2013
- Electronic, SciFi Game

"East Factory" - Main Menu (unofficial)
- Horror

Contest Submission

- Dark, Orchestral, Fast

"Conundrum" - Opening Scene (unofficial)
- Mystery, Fantasy Game

Original Scored Soundtrack
- Action, Horror, Adventure, Science Fiction

All music work is copyright protected, so do not reproduce, publish, transmit, distribute, display, modify, create participiate in any sale or exploidtation of it in whole or in partly.

If you want to make use of any of these Soundtracks, please make sure to get permission first.

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