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Past Projects

Collection of published work

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Let your mind choose what you see
Produced by Edward Oleschak. (Musical Sound Design)
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Feature "Mary Pickford: Love Wild" (2023)
An unconventional Journey through dimensions 
Directed by Jennifer Delia. (Music Composer / Sound Design)
TV Documentation "Habsburger in Mariazell" (2021)
The Habsburger were one of the most powerful family in Central Europe. One of their main living locations was Mariazell, where they settle down after their coronation.
Directed by Alfred Ninaus and Fritz Aigner. (Music Composer)
Plakat Entwurf final_WDLSW.jpg
TV Documentation "Where Love Was Stronger" (2021)
Many daughters have been married without their will, but a few decided to escape their faith by leaving their family. But not always without cost.
Directed by David Bruckner and Alfred Ninaus. (Music Composer)
TV Documentation "Habsburgs Verkuppelte Töchter" (2020)
Take a look at what the daughters of Habsburg's family had to go through and how they had to marry to expand their political impact.
Director: Stephanie Ninaus. (Music Composer - 45 min Version)
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Short Movie "Anderswo" (2019)
"Anderswo" or "Elsewhere" is set somewhere deep in the Austrian forest where an old man lives in a hut experiencing some odd events.
Director: Markus Müller.
(Music Composer / Sound Design)
Short Movie "Mercy" (2019)
You can hide from your mistakes. Only for so long.
Director: Luis Perez Villegas.
(Music Composer)
The Reflection.jpg
Short Movie "The Reflections" (2019)
Dive into your own reflection and face your fear.
Director: Yuehua Wang.
(Music Composer)
RnL - Logo.jpg
Video Game "Resistance and Liberation" (2018)
Authentic World War 2 multiplayer FPS experience fighting in Normandy in 1944.
Director: Stefan Bermig.
(Music Composer)
Erber Oesterreich.jpg
TV Documentation "Erbe Österreich" (2018)
Learn about the life of Czerny and the development of the beautiful country Austria.
Directed by Ulrike Berger, Markus Mörth.
(Sound Designer)
Starian Cover Edit 2.jpg
Short Movie "Starian" (2018)
Star-Wars inspired short film by Eric Zaragoza.
Directed by Eric Zaragoza.
(Music Composer)
Armoire Cover EDIT.jpg
Short Movie "The Armoire" (2017)
A horror thriller of a not so common closet by the Cooper Brothers.
Directed by Evan Cooper.
(Sound Designer)
Featured Movie "Good Shepherds" (2017)
Join the journey of the Vienna Boy's Choir around the world.
Directed by Curt Faudon.
(Supervising Sound Editor)
Short Movie "Glimpse of Hell" (2016)

Trying to avoid being a father, a young man has to face someone unexpected.

Directed and produced by Chris Gonzales. (Music Composer)


Short Movie "Jakob" (2015)


The Story of a boy and his friend in the woods.

Written by Stefanie and directed by Matthias Ninaus(Music Composer)


Short Movie "Garbuge" (2015)


An American Horror short of a guy living through a couple of nightmares.

Directed and produced by Jasmine Thomas(Music Composer)


Experimental Short "Caged" (2015)

Experience the thought pattern of an insane person.

Directed and produced by Jasmine Thomas(Music Composer)


Not Available
Austrian Short Clip (2015)


Peaceful music composition in the style of Lotr.

Produced by Pioneer Pictures(Music Composer)

Short Movie "Inside" (2014)


An Austrian short movie about a young girl and her tragic story.

Directed and produced by Paul Scheufler(Music Composer)


Light-Bending Clip "DayNight Dream" (2014)


Short clip to demonstrate the art of Light Bending.

Pictures and video made by Sascha Pseiner (Music Composer)


IPhone Game "mTanks" (2013)



This is the first game Julian composed music for, developed by Zensen Games.


An IPhone application where you can fight with retro tanks, alone or in multiplayer.

(Music Composer)


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