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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Service cost?
   It depends on your budget, deadline and the amount of work that has to be done.


Can you make Sound Design for my Movie/Game project?

   Yes, I am able to create Sound Design and Foley work.


Our project is more demanding and requires multible Audio aspects to be covered.

   No problem, I have a team of great Sound Engineers that can hop on any sized project.


What exactly can you do anyway?

   Well, I am covering Music Composition, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering, ADR, Foley and Audio


Do you need to get paid or would you work for Credit?

   Everybody needs to get paid however if you’ve got a great project but no budget - we can work

   something out.

How fast can you start working? We need a score next week.

   I’ve had people come and telling me they need a Soundtrack for a short movie next day.

   Was not easy and a bit stressful but it worked out just fine.


We already have a Music Composer but would you be willing to collaborate on more music?


Help, my on-set production audio sounds distorted, muffled and reverberant. Can you do something about that?
   Yes, that would fall into “Audio Restoration” - but who did you hire for that job?


Where do you work from?
   I work from my Sound- and Recording Studio on Hollywood Blvd.


What audio programs are you familiar with?

   I am trained in Logic Pro X, ProTools and Ableton.

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