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Future Projects

These are the upcoming projects in 2014/15.

"Seventh Crystal of Theia" Video Game (2014)



"Rimfrost Software" is the name of the company which is developing "SCOT" with currently three team member.
Chris Van Wijmeersch and Roland Strålberg are the creators of this great 3D adventure.


"Conundrum" Video Game (2014)


A 3D game where you have to escape from a library while solving puzzles.

It is now in developement by CarpeDiemGames (Australia) and will be finished in the end of 2014.



"East Factory" Game Mod for Amnesia (2014)


This game modification of Amnesia takes place in an abandoned factory.

It is created by Marcus Björklund (Sweden) and will be complete around September 2014.


"mTanks 2" MMORPG (2015)


It is similar to "mTanks" but this time it is a big 3D sandbox game.

Right now it is a one-man development by Zensen Games (Australia), so it will probably take a while until completion.



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