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Julian Schuller is a young music composer for motion picture and video games and is originally from Austria, Europe.
He moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to start his studies for music production at the “Recording School of Hollywood” and is going to graduate in June 2016.
His previous experience includes short films, advertisements and video games and is working together with developers, filmmakers and artists all around the world on projects of any kind.

Besides high quality digital instruments he has access to a real orchestra since his father (Gerd Schuller) is a well know music composer in Austria and teaches film composition at the “Art University, Graz”.
The most recent big short movie (30 min), Julian has composed the soundtrack for, is called “Jakob” which is written and produced by Matthias and Stephanie Ninaus and will be presented at film festival all around the world.


The favorite music style Julian composes in is dark, mystery, fantasy, and orchestral mixtures to create an eerie feeling. He also likes to add electronic and mechanical sounds and experiments with instruments in general to give the project a unique touch.

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